16th Annual Vuelo de Mariposas Spring Market

In addition to the 15th Annual Mujeres de Aztlan exhibition: Persistent and Resilient, Centro Cultural Aztlan presents our 16th Annual Vuelo de Mariposas Spring Market, an indoor/outdoor artisan market of fine-crafts, paintings and wearable art by some of San Antonio’s most noted artists. The Vuelo de Mariposas Spring Market gives our local artists an affordable venue in which to sell their works of art and provides visitors the opportunity to meet and greet the artists and artisans. Presenting their “spring line,” artists and artisans are sure to bring the newest trends and colors of the season. Visitors can stroll through the Deco Building’s breezeway and Centro Cultural Aztlan’s Galería Expresión and view our current exhibit, the 15th Annual Mujeres de Aztlan exhibition: Persistent and Resilient.
This year’s exhibition focuses on the resilience and persistence of women. These qualities, which seem to be innate to women, are used by women across the globe to address and change the range of gender specific obstacles we face. Resilience makes us stronger as life changes. We develop discernment through experience, mistakes, and hard knocks. We become fearless and adapt to continual change. Women have the persistence to make societal changes such as gaining the right to vote, gaining recognition of female artists, and equal pay for some female athletes. Artists are encouraged to express their unique perspective on these qualities of women. The Lead Artist for this exhibition is Kathleen Baker Pittman.
Participating Artists include: Santa Barraza, Kim Bishop, Maria J. Brown, Magdalena Chellet, Lynn Maverick Denzer, Maureen Doebbler, Sara Drescher, Petra Del Sol Eubanks, Barbara Felix, Robin Gara, Laurel Gibson, Crystal Green, Rose Harms, Angelica Mayorga, Marcy McChesney, Adriana Netro, Denise Pérez, Lenise Pérez-Miller, Kathleen Baker Pittman, Manola Ramirez, Maria Ramirez, Regina Sanders, Le Green Schubert, Sarah Shore, Monica Walker, Angela Weddle, Liliana Wilson, and Theresa Ybáñez.
Market vendors include: Malu Berumen, Noé Garza, Cristal Gonzalez, Debi Lively, Armando Martinez, Angelica Mayorga, JD Morera, Gricelda C. Nill, Yolanda Priego, Martin Emmanuel Rangel, Elliott Treviño, Michael Villanueva and more
Vuelo de Mariposas Spring Market opens in conjunction with the 16th Annual On and Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24, 2024 from 12-5pm. For a full list of studios and participating artists in the On and Off Fred Road Studio Tour please go to https://bihlhausarts.org/about-on-off-fred/