Las Mujeres de Aztlan is an annual exhibit that takes place every March to celebrate National Women’s Month.

Centro Cultural Aztlan is pleased to present the 15th annual Mujeres de Aztlan exhibition, titled Mujeres de Aztlan: Persistent and Resilient. Through this annual exhibition, Centro Cultural Aztlan aims to raise the visibility of women artists working to develop their careers and expand their artistic expressions.

This year’s exhibition focuses on the resilience and persistence of women. These qualities, which seem to be innate to women, are used by women across the globe to address and change the range of gender specific obstacles we face. Resilience makes us stronger as life changes. We develop discernment through experience, mistakes, and hard knocks. We become fearless and adapt to continual change. Women have the persistence to make societal changes such as gaining the right to vote, gaining recognition of female artists, and equal pay for some female athletes. Artists are encouraged to express their unique perspective on these qualities of women. The lead artist for this exhibition is Kathleen Baker Pittman.

Opening Reception:

Exhibit: Friday, March 8, 2024 from 6-9PM

Las Mujeres de Aztlan: Persistent and Resilient Exhibition runs through March 28, Monday-Thursday, 10-4 p.m.except on Holidays.