Centro Cultural Aztlan is a community based-organization with a mission to preserve, develop and promote Chicano/Latino art and culture. The center presents an array of cultural activities that encourages and supports artistic creativity, preserves our local heritage, and makes the arts more widely available to residents of all backgrounds, ages and interests.


While there are diverse events that take place at Centro Cultural Aztlan We have tried and true year round programing for the whole family to enjoy.

Dec 12th Virgen de Guadalupe Exhibit

Centro Cultural Aztlan produces and presents an annual Celebracion a la Virgen de Guadalupe with one of the most beautiful exhibits and of it’s kind.

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Segundo de Febrero

This exhibit commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on February 2, 1848 which ended the Mexico/U.S. War and established the new American southwest and the Mexican American Community.

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Superhero Exhibit

Our annual Superhero Exhibition is designed for students from kinder to 12th grade to create artwork that is based on Real-Life Heroes, Comic Book Art, Anime, Mythological Figures, or a positive role model they know and admire.

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Dia de los Muertos Exhibit

Since 1977, Centro Cultural has opened its doors to tourists and residents to take part in the biggest and oldest Dia de los Muertos Celebration paying tribute to this ancient tradition.

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Zonarte- El Mercado de Aztlan

Artists and artisans from San Antonio and across Tejas offer their unique handmade gifts, original prints, paintings, sculptures, furniture jewelry, textiles, and artesania during this annual Holiday Market.

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El Gran Dia de Los Artistas

El Gran Dia de Los Artistas promises to be an explosion of creativity in the Deco District showcasing live music, Arts and Craft market, art demonstrations, exhibits, and live painting.

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Mole Festival

Get your taste buds ready for one of the most deliciously unique fundraising events you will ever attended.

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Las Mujeres de Aztlan

This annual exhibition takes place every March to celebrate National Women’s Month and aims to raise the visibility of women artists working to develop their careers and expand their artistic expressions.

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Galería Expresión

The Galería Expresión is a spacious 2500/SF professional gallery and one of Centro Aztlan’s oldest and most visible programs. The community enjoys 6-8 yearly exhibits of varying genres and artists while encouraging those who are just beginning as they collaborate on various projects. These group shows give more than 350 visual artists a year the opportunity to undergo professional review by a large audience and an entree into art markets that otherwise would be closed to them.
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Centro Cultural Aztlan was established in 1977, by a group of young community organizers active in the Chicano movement and eager to extend its message of pride and empowerment.

The vision of those that founded Centro Cultural Aztlan was to build upon the tradition of Chicano and Indigenous culture by creating programs that would involve local artists and increase public awareness of their work.

Participants in our programs represent the full spectrum of the arts: poets and other writers, performing artists, musicians, as well as visual artists.Some are students; others are emerging professionals. Whether they perform their work on stage or hang it on the wall, we provide them with the means of expression: materials and instruction or display space, an open mike or a festival stage.

Centro Cultural Aztlan provides a venue for established and emerging artists, local residents and visitors to participate in cultural activities that include fine-arts exhibits, discussions, literary events and community pride celebrations designed to enrich and inspire.

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The 47th Annual Segundo de Febrero Exhibition: Seguimos

Centro Cultural Aztlan is honored to present the 47th Annual Segundo de Febrero Exhibit: Seguimos Centro Cultural Aztlan has produced and presented the annual Segundo de Febrero exhibit since 1977 in an effort to preserve Mexican American history and culture. This exhibit commemorates the 176th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, […]

28th Annual “Celebración a la Virgen de Guadalupe” Exhibit

Centro Cultural Aztlan is honored to present the 28th Annual Celebración a la Virgen de Guadalupe Exhibit. Visitors will explore the significance of the Latin-American cultural icon, La Virgen de Guadalupe, featuring original works of art in acrylic, oil, watercolor, mixed media, sculpture, and more. This exhibition is the oldest and most revered visual arts […]

15th Annual Mole Festival

The 15th Annual Mole Festival promises to be an exciting gastro-cultura culinary experience sure to satisfy the community with good food, drinks, cultura, y música while supporting Centro Cultural Aztlan’s commitment to preserving and promoting Chicano/a, Latino/a, and indigenous arts and culture, and through our commitment to diversity, education, and promotion of local artists. Get […]

Jorge Sandoval – Fotos y Recuerdos (2000-2023)

Centro Cultural Aztlan is delighted to present Jorge Sandoval – Fotos y Recuerdos. This exhibition is a culmination of the past twenty-four years documenting the world around him. Jorge Sandoval is a San Antonio local photographer, filmmaker, producer, and writer and has been dedicating himself to preserving and promoting Chicano Art for over 45 years. […]

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Centro Cultural Aztlan has a 35-year history of producing and presenting high quality artistic events. Our full-time staff includes:

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