Centro Cultural Aztlan is pleased to continue the tradition in presenting our 46th annual Día de los Muertos exhibition, “Altares y Ofrendas”.

This event illustrates the artistic, cultural, and religious facets of this popular pre-Columbian Mexican tradition where death is seen as a natural part of life and this reality is approached with humor a celebration of life. Photographs of loved ones passed grace altars as well as offerings of food, marigolds, incense, candles, and other traditional offerings.

Join us for an in-gallery tour of cultural traditions, history, and an artistic celebration including: Altars by local artists, our annual “Callejon de los Muertos” Artisan market on the breezeway featuring some of the most noted artists an makers in San Antonio.

Opening Reception:

Thursday, November 2nd 2023

Altares y Ofrendas Exhibition runs through November 8, 2023

If you are an artist and would like to apply for our fall exhibits you can download the applications here:


Or here’s a link to an online application: https://forms.gle/XmqjZ73B4Y4L6goL6

Last Year’s Exhibit was a great success check out the art and all the fun we had:

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