MARS NEEDS MORE WOMEN. Project: MASA-V Catalog Release

Join us on May 4th for the catalog release of the latest exhibit by Project MASA series! This exhibit opened at Centro Cultural Aztlan February 24 and will be on display until June 10. The idea behind the Project:MASA-V exhibit is to affect change by continuing discussions, educating and bringing together the community around ideals of social justice and inclusiveness through cosmic awareness, the use of science fiction, science, and social/political satire. The group includes Catherine Cisneros, Celeste De Luna, Yareth Fernandez, Brandy González, Suzy Gonzalez, Nansi Guevara, Mari Hernandez, Terry Ybañez, Lizette Ortiz, Pocha Peña, Sam Rawls, Natalia Rocafuerte, Mary Agnes Rodriguez, Ana Lilia Salinas, Liliana Wilson, Cindy Valderas, and Guillermina Zabala. The catalog will feature an essay by author Cathryn Merla-Watson PhD. who will be writing about the exhibit and the artists under the lens of her research and current publications and an essay by Iliana Pompa-MA art history candidate. The exhibit will also include poetry about the exhibit by author/poets Victoria Fennel and Anel Flores. Cathryn Merla-Watson Phd., co-editor of “Altermundos'' —the first edited volume dedicated to theorizing Chican@futurism and Latin@futurism, has agreed to write the essay for the catalog that will accompany the exhibit. Merla-Watson will be curating the exhibit together with Iliana Pompa, MA Art History Candidate, UTSA. Merla-Watson is also collaborating with Latinx futurism scholar Matthew Goodwin (University of New Mexico) to plan a national conference at the University of New Mexico in Spring of 2023 and will include the exhibit in the conference. The two have an advanced book contract with The Ohio State University Press (New Suns Series) to publish a related edited volume following the conference. The local and state media will receive media packages and press releases. The plan for marketing on a national platform for this exhibit will include Merla-Watson’s presentation of the exhibit participants within the scope of her research at a conference to be held at the University of New Mexico in Spring of 2023. through June 10, 2022 Monday-Thursday, 10:00 am to 4:00 p.m.